Saturday, 31 December 2011

Never Lose Hope

    If you think that Allah will help you, He will :) If your wish doesn't come true, know that it is the best for you. Allah is the one who created you. He knows your weakness and ability. He knows the best for His beloved servant, for He is The Best Planner :) He will suits you with something that suit your ability. Remember, 'I AM WHAT YOU THINK I AM'. Be positive :)

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Great Scholar (With Love)

For you and me.

 Salam to all viewers! :D May Allah bless all of us while we're still alive and thanks to Him for everything. Allahumma solli ala saidina Muhammad, wa ala alihi wasahbi wasalam. Its been a while since i created a blog intending to write something that i can share with you guys. lol. apologize me :P ermm, this time i will share with you guys about what i've learned today in my class. and it was my first class. Alhamdulillah it went well. the reason that i put it all here is for myself so that i can refer to this post whenever i forgot something and also want to share with you guys as well. I intend to write a post everyday after all the lessons i've learned a.k.a my classes. Without revise the book. just wanna write down what is in my head. and i will refer back to the book later. hihi

        So, today was my first day in International Islamic College. and in the morning i supposed to have Islamic Aqidah class but the lecturer was absent. so the class canceled, then at 2p.m, i have Introduction Science of Hadith class. So the lesson began.. The lecturer is soo cute and soft with her character. The name is Miss Siti Hajar. Very the muslimah style. hihi. I admire her teachings, she gave many valuable info. Well the topic that i've learned was about the type of Hadith, and also the structure of Hadith. also the different between Al-Quran and Sunnah :) Miss Hajar elaborate lots lots of info on her explanation to us.

I'll point out the valuable things that she said :-

'Dgn ada nya solat, menunjukkan kita sembah kpd Allah. Bila tak solat, kita berdiri dgn cara riak, sombong.. kepala naik.. badan tegap je. Tapi bila solat, lantai yg selalu kita pijak2 dgn kaki tu, kita letak, sujud kepala kita atas lantai. menunjukkan betapa agungnya Allah. menyedarkan bhw hina nya kita sebagai hamba je. so we as a creation of His, surrender to Allah'

'Al-quran, bahasa nya sgt lembut.. sastera.. Allah tau manusia nie lemah, jadi Dia gunakan bhs yg sgt lembut, sampai kita susah sikit nk faham. Hebatnya kasih syg Allah, lembut2 Dia nak tegur, nak ajar ciptaan Dia. Dgn itu, sbb itu lah ada nya Sunnah. Adanya Nabi Muhammad s.a.w di dunia. utk mengajar kita apa yg Allah sampai kan  tu..'

'Kita ada dua, Al-Quran dan Sunnah.. Dua2 hebat, teguh,.. dan bawa ke jalan yg lurus. Kita ni je degil.. nak lalu jalan lain, jalan yg ade bengkang bengkok, jalan yg jauh, jalan yg tgh renovate, jalan ada traffic light. Allah dah tunjuk jalan yg simple, senang je.. dapat bonus dkt dunia dgn akhirat lg.'

'Manusia mmg sifatnya lalai.. Orang kdg2 yg melencong ke jln lain, jadi kita pesan dgn cara lembut 'Jangan melencong lama sgt, kembali blk ke jalan benar, takut nanti tak sempat.'..... Buat nya time nazak baru nak ' forgive my sins ya Allah'.. mcm mana tu?'

'If only our Prophet is still alive, and here beside me.. surely i'll not make any mistakes because He's there to watch me, watch my step. tegur elok2.. sebab dia sayangkan umat nya'

Sooo, this is so far what is coming out from my mind.. i'll update more when the 'light bulbs' :P huhu. Assalam and have a very nice day <3