Friday, 27 December 2013

Extremism vs. Moderation – Yang Rafyiqa bt. Abdul Latif

‘You see only with your eyes, so you are easy to fool’. The recurring words that oftenly conquering my mind from The Karate Kid movie. It is needless to say that majority evaluate things and come out with conclusion along with roomless filteration of heart and mind which certainly corrupt the understanding.

I humbly came out with this journal because of the false judgement nowadays that being pious is to be seen as being extremist and being moderate is to obey some of the teachings, and neglect some of them, so it would be ‘balance’ a.k.a moderate. The reality is being a pious servant has nothing to do with extremism. I should emphasize that extremist is those who are limitlessly doing ritual worship to the stage where the actions burden him/herself. For instance, performing night prayers without sleep, fasting without break fast, and keep distance from woman without married for lifetime. Whenever a companion swayed towards extremism, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w firmly said  ‘be aware, I am more fearful of God than you, more God-aware than you, yet I fast and I break the fast, I stand in vigil and rest and I marry women.’ and still he is indeed a pious one in the sight of Allah.

 To obey the obligations is certainly compulsory for us but following the alternative or the sunnah doesn’t mean that it is extremist. If the sunnah means to be called extremist, it is surely banned by Allah and Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. So, it is strictly to say that the men who are having beard is not an extremist, the women who are wearing ‘tudung labuh’ is not an extremist. But it is called loyalty. The rules of Islam cannot live without Sunnah. The Sunnah completes the Quran and specifies the rules in the Quran. As the Quran tells us to perform salah. But the Sunnah tells us on HOW to perform salah. If there’s no Sunnah, then we might create our own ways to perform salah.

The true concept of ‘moderatism’ has become unseen to the eyes of the world which has to be rectified. Some might say, ‘I prefer to be a moderate muslim’. The thing that people blindly know is that all muslims should be moderate muslims. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w is a moderate muslim. Saidina Umar is a moderate muslim. Saidina Abu Bakr is a moderate musim. But it is vital to ponder upon the meaning of moderation. Being moderate doesn’t mean that you obey some of the rules and neglect the others. Halal will forever be halal and haram will forever be haram. Surprisingly, there is ridiculous statement that says moderation is to collect rewards and also ‘allowed’ to commit sins. So it would be balance or ‘sederhana’ in malay. This false idea has to be stopped.

Moderation is about the quantity or the period of time of your actions. Also it means to be balance in the worldly matter and afterlife matter, not to abandon the dunya or not to abandon the akhirah completely. BUT.. it has nothing to do with committing sins. Moderation is about managing your time carefully. Your time with Allah, your time with people (family, friends etc.) and your time for yourself (self-career, education). Serve your time to each aspect moderately. May Allah guide us all to be moderate muslims. Ameen! J

Saturday, 20 July 2013

A Pearl That Shines Within A Muslim. - Yang Rafyiqa bt Haji Abdul Latif

Don't judge a woman with short hijab,
     You never know she has a bigger heart that is free from judging people,
Or perhaps the very moment you judge her, the very moment
  she prays to Allah 'O Allah, open my heart to be like this muslimah.. (which is YOU)'

Don't judge people who're playing with phones or talk when you're reading Quran,
    You never know before she came out from her house,
She has read the Quran 10 pages more than you've read it.

Don't judge people who perform salah in last minute,
   You never know her/his salah is much more sincere than yours,
And he/she beg Allah to forgive him and Allah forgive him immediately,
   While you, as only a slave, keep on judging..

Don't judge people who are muslims but not yet mu'min,
    For indeed in a split second Allah can make the people more pious than you,
And don't leave them away or kick them out for your life,
    For indeed the mu'min should make them feel and say,
'The best companion I've ever have in my entire life, is this mu'min.. (which is YOU)'

O mu'min,
What differentiates the degree of your rewards before ibadah and after ibadah?
   When you increase your rewards by doing' ibadah,
But you erase it yourself by judging people,
        Whouldn't it be the same before and after?

When there is iman within your soul,
   That is when you have a pearl within you,
But to have a pearl that shines..
   That is when you have to stop judging but pray for them. :)

'Be a slave who prays, not God who judge' Inner peace - Yang Rafyiqa

Monday, 1 July 2013

Preparation for Ramadhan - Sheikh Ibrahim Nuhu, UIA

Assalamuaikum, peace be upon you. So, my friend, Fatin Azhar invited me to a lecture of Syeikh Ibrahim Nuhu after isya' prayer in UIA. And i want to share with you guys, humble beings :) I hope this will be beneficial for us inshaAllah. Lets raise the heartbeats for the upcoming Ramadhan :DDD

This is so far what i get from the lecture :)

Wisdom words of Syeikh Ibrahim Nuhu:-

- One single sin can make someone stay in hell for many years
- Single deeds of us, Allah multiply by 10. That means Allah wants everyone to not miss the chance to enter Jannah.
- Fasting means protection, protection against human desire.
- Fasting is a replacement for marriage
- Dont do anything that shows shame to the society or in public, even YELLING. LOWER YOUR GAZE.
- The one who is fasting is the most peaceful person on earth
- If someone wanna fight you, you should say that you are fasting.
- Bad smell of someone who fast is better than a misk in the eyes of Allah s.w.t.
- no one will be injured for the sake of Allah s.w.t
- Prophet s.a.w said, the one who is fast for the sake of Allah have 2 happiness moment.
  1. when he breaks his fast, because it is a bless for Allah.
  2. when he meet Allah, he'll be happy and say 'Alhamdulillah, im fast for the sake of Allah'.
- the greatest day and the best day will be the day that you stand before for the sake of Allah.
  1. wajib : during Ramadhan
                 and Nazar
 2. haram : fast after hajj, and  you can't fast on friday alone, you must connect it with     thursday or saturday.
                   (i am not sure about other hukm, i didnt focus at that part. hehe)

- If you fast to diet, that is not fasting. Fasting is for the sake of Allah.
- If any non-muslims ask you about Islam, dont say to them 'you better think first because have to pray and fast and everything'. Just welcome them. Give them immediate information, your job is to tell about Islam.

Lets clean our hearts, be in a standby mode, obey what Allah asks us to do and we will attain victory in this wordly life and hereafter. InshaAllah. Amin.