Saturday, 20 July 2013

A Pearl That Shines Within A Muslim. - Yang Rafyiqa bt Haji Abdul Latif

Don't judge a woman with short hijab,
     You never know she has a bigger heart that is free from judging people,
Or perhaps the very moment you judge her, the very moment
  she prays to Allah 'O Allah, open my heart to be like this muslimah.. (which is YOU)'

Don't judge people who're playing with phones or talk when you're reading Quran,
    You never know before she came out from her house,
She has read the Quran 10 pages more than you've read it.

Don't judge people who perform salah in last minute,
   You never know her/his salah is much more sincere than yours,
And he/she beg Allah to forgive him and Allah forgive him immediately,
   While you, as only a slave, keep on judging..

Don't judge people who are muslims but not yet mu'min,
    For indeed in a split second Allah can make the people more pious than you,
And don't leave them away or kick them out for your life,
    For indeed the mu'min should make them feel and say,
'The best companion I've ever have in my entire life, is this mu'min.. (which is YOU)'

O mu'min,
What differentiates the degree of your rewards before ibadah and after ibadah?
   When you increase your rewards by doing' ibadah,
But you erase it yourself by judging people,
        Whouldn't it be the same before and after?

When there is iman within your soul,
   That is when you have a pearl within you,
But to have a pearl that shines..
   That is when you have to stop judging but pray for them. :)

'Be a slave who prays, not God who judge' Inner peace - Yang Rafyiqa

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