Friday, 23 May 2014

Physical Prayers vs. Heart Prayers

      Prayer is a foundation of a muslim as we all know. No one can explain the benefits of performing salah until one experience it by himself. Even explaining won't be enough. But to taste the sweetness of salah, let first ask to ourselves.. Is it you who performing salah or is it your heart performing salah. Adakah diri kamu mendirikan solat, atau pun hatimu mendirikan solat? This makes huge difference upon its meaning and effect. Curiosity overcomes me. Kenapa ada orang mendirikan solat tapi kelakuannya sama seperti orang yang tak solat? It seems that the way he/she prays is flawless and smoothly. Just like others' prayers. Sujood, ruku', al-fatihah, everything is the same.. But why? Why the prayers are the same but the charatacters turns out differently from everyone..

     Oh.. Apparently its the condition of the heart.. You may perform the salah but your heart may not perform it. Alhamdulillah Allah gave me a lil close up about the heart when i was driving back home and listening to I was totally inspired by the talk given by a sheikh since i've never drown myself to the knowledge of heart in such detailed info. He says that 'one heart cant love two things in it. If a heart loves the dunya, it will love the dunya in a whole. And if the heart loves the akhirah , it will attach to it wholely." The pure heart is genuinely loves the good things. Every heart starts from the pure heart. And that is the condition when the heart is healthy. But if the heart starts to love bad things, it is when the heart is corrupted by lust. And when you let the heart entered by lust, this involve the third party that is shaytan which he'll get the key to your door of heart and will finally conquer it. When the heart loves to do something bad, that is when you have a disease of a heart. Means the heart is sick spiritually.

     Before i go deep to it, let me enlighten you that performing salah is not for Allah. But its for yourself. Solat tu untuk kita sendiri. Allah tak pernah rugi apa-apa. Tapi kita yang rugi. Amazingly the concept of Islam can never be understood by reasoning or logic. But it must be understood by heart that is iman(believe). One of the concept is that once you strive for akhirah, the dunya will chase you. And when you strive for Allah (including prayers) , you will get the benefits and rewards. It is for you. So in terminology, it simply means, "what you do for Allah, is actually what you do for yourself". And trust me, you can NEVER believe it until you do it yourself. I remember a video that i went through and my ears automatically captured and my heart absorbed these words that said "I dont want you for Myself, But I want you for yourself" and i imagined that Allah was talking to me, apparently in reality it is absolutely affirmative.

      Everyone prays but not everyone can tastes the sweetness of prayers. Not when you dont do it right. There are people who are physically doing salah for akhirah but their hearts are actually in dunya while performing it. And honestly, what makes you think that your salah is going to be accepted by Allah when the real thing that Allah is looking for is sincerity? When you let your heart do it sincerely for akhirah, your characters will switch along and bond with the characters of the people of akhirah. Kelakuan kita akan sama seperti kelakuan orang-orang yang hatinya untuk akhirat iaitu orang mukmin. You start to watch your words, you start to protect you ears and eyes, you start to think and act differently, you start to change the way you dress. It is an amazing journey wallahi! :)  To get the sweetness of prayers, you have to love (by heart) to pray. To love to pray, you have to know who ask you to pray. And to love the One who ask you to pray, you have to know who is The One? Know who is Allah in order for you to love Him. Indulge yourself with everything that bond you to Him. Just like you have to taste the food for you to love the food. You cant love the food without tasting it. So does you cant love Allah without knowing Him.

    Some tips from me to keep me adhere the performance of salah, and honestly you dont have to seek it by far or external circumstances. Because it is with you. Just lift your both hands, look at them and say 'THESE ARE NOT MINE.' Simple as that. Your body is not yours. Your heart that you can cherish your love to someone is not yours. Your brain that you can think how to make money is even not yours. But it is absolutely owned by Allah. So we have to give gratitude to Him. So change ourselves, instead of performing salah because of obligations, perform it to show gratitude to Allah :) May Allah grant us a solid sincerity to Him. Ameen, Allahumma ameen! :) - lots of love