Friday, 8 September 2017

Are We Open Enough?

     To elevate yourself is to correct your mistakes.. I remember the sayings from Sheikh Hamza Yusuf, from the Reviving Islamic Spirit Convention, he said :

‘ The weak are dominated by their ego, the wise dominate their ego and the intelligent are in constant struggle against their ego’

     When we swallow our ego, we would be prone to accept the advice of others.. Our very core aim here is Islam. And Prophet s.a.w says ‘The deen is an advice’. We first really need to internalize this concept. Deen equals to advice. DEEN=ADVICE. ISLAM=ADVICE. Repeat these words in your head. Deen, advice, deen, advice, deen, advice. So, Deen is religion. Our religion is islam. Islam is an advice. And when it comes to advice, there will always be someone correcting you when you do something wrong. So he/she would advice you that its wrong and suggest to you something better. If we want someone to affirm and justify our doings just to sooth our nafs and comfort ourselves, that brothers and sisters, would not be called ‘an advice’. An advice will always go against your opinion, your view, your principal, your self-interest, your nafs. We think that our decision is already the best, but advices come to show us ‘You know what, actually there is something way better than what you think of’. Advices will never be on our side nor our will. If  Prophet s.a.w says that Islam is an advice, then as a muslim, we must be realistic that advices attach closely to us. Its like its already imgrained in our vein, cause that is the very foundation of what Islam about.

     Unfortunately, our society commonly don’t accept advices. Usually all they would reply is that ‘you can’t advice people like that, you are so rude, you should not hurt someone’s feelings’. The typical replies would be ‘you cant hurt someone’s feelings’. Dear humble hearts, like I said, advices come bcs of our wrongdoing, not bcs we do something right. Hence, it will never be on your side. Its unlogical to say to someone who advice you ‘you cant hurt people’s feelings’. The problem is not the one who advices you, the problem is you are not accepting advice. So no matter who talk to you, about what, when and where. You will always deny and condemn it and find excuses, that simply because you don’t accept advices. And that will just ruin your whole identity as a muslim. Because you are holding the religion of Islam, which is, the religion of advice. But of course, advicing with good manners is essential. But then again, how polite and good the advices conveyed to you, it will always hurt you in some way because it comes to rectify your mistakes. The only way to not hurt you is to say ‘omg I respect people who drink alcohol like you’ for example. That is affirming your doings, eventhough it’s a wrongdoing. So that’s not an advice. That’s just a blind support to ease you whether it’s a right or wrong. But let me tell you this. An advice is also a support. It supports you in its own way. It supports you by leading you to the right path. What unique about advice is that it goes against your will but at the same time it’s supporting and holding you still.

    Therefore muslim brothers and sisters, advices is needed in our daily life. Thats because its just how our religion is. That’s the core of Islam. We will never move forward if we cant accept advices and there is no way Islam will flourish if we are not willing to admit the truth and improve ourselves. A true servant will always admit the truth and accept the truth eventhough it is conveyed from the old folks, same age peeps and even the younger ones. Doesn’t matter who says it you, the truth is the truth. Don’t look at who convey the message, look at the content, and if the content is the ultimate truth, who are we to argue? If the content created by The Maker, how can the creation argue about it? So, lets say if there’s time where someone come to you and say what ure doing is not right, it is sinful in islam. Don’t mock the person. Isn’t he telling the truth? If you’re not ready at least just reply ‘ thank you for your advice, do pray for me to become better’. And with your politeness, maybe Allah’s mercy will sent down to you.

   Also, correcting people DOES NOT MEAN he/she is a busy body . Nop. Not even close. Have you ever heard about amar ma’ruf nahi mungkar? That is enjoin good and forbid evil. This, people, is actually the responsibility of every muslim individual. Each one of us should call people to good and forbid them doing evil. This is the command of Allah. If we dont accept advices, then what's the point of Allah introducing 'amar ma'ruf nahi mungkar?'. Islam does not encourage us to be individualist, and practice islam on your own self. But islam encourage us to live in unity. Therefore, we should all do good together and stop the wrongdoings in a team. Don’t get annoyed with those who apply amar ma’ruf nahi mungkar. That is an amanah from Allah. What im trying to say is, ALL of us need to restructure our mind set and perspective on this matter. All muslims should be open. Yes, that’s the word. Open. That’s just how Allah wants us to be. We need to have an open personality, that we are open enough to advice and open enough to be adviced. Because that’s basically the nature of our religion.

I remembered a lecture that i heard before. Its about someone who performed prayer, zakat, hajj, fasting etc but in the grave, he still get the azab from Allah because he did not perform amar ma’ruf nahi mungkar. He did not call people to do good and forbid people from doing evil if he sees it. Therefore lovely hearts, in simple words, da’wah is needed. Each of us needs to apply this, in what way? That’s up to you. Whether its in a work setting, school setting, social media, books, and even when you are face to face with each other.

‘Only God can judge me.’

 You are right. Only Allah can judge you. The thing is advicing has nothing to do with judging. When a teacher says your answer is wrong, is that mean that she is judging you? Of course not, she is correcting you just because the answer is wrong. Same goes to someone who advice you, they are advicing you just because your doings are wrong. Not because of YOU. Do you get it?

   Advicing comes in many forms too, It could be direct, it could be indirect. Whatever it is, those who are giving advice must demonstrate it in a gracious manner. No matter how true you’re saying, but don’t spoil the truth by throwing rocks at them. Be soft and gentle in advicing. And yes, its definitely not easy.

In general, what im trying to say is, don’t ignore and avoid advicing and being adviced. An open society  is what we should struggle for. Again, islam is an advice and Islam is us 😊

May Allah rectify our wrongdoings, and improve us to be a better servant and a better muslim. Ameen. Assalamualaikum wbt


Yang The Writer

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Leadership or "Leagnorance"?

Bismillah. In the name of Allah The Most Loving, The Most Merciful. Its been a long time since i wrote my last writing. So pardon me if i get a little 'awky' over here. haha. So here's the thing, recently i've drown myself in my own mind and conversing with the inner self. To be truth, the leaders nowadays has been the reason for my situation.. 

Sadly to realize that leaders or leaders-to-be nowadays are not based on leadership, but arrogance and ignorance. (Sebabtu leagnorance. Perkataan sendiri :P ) This is the kind that either look down on people who have nothing or people who have everything that they dont have. They'll end up at either one dilemma. They will not give space to others to step up and reveal their talents. And ive witnessed it myself and this is the sad truth that is happening especially among the muslims. Why this happens? You know why? Because they lead to get a title but not for the sake of Allah.

Back to basic.

Yes. That's the only thing we have to do. We go back to basic. Prophet Muhammad is the best leader. He is the perfect example. He is our home, refer to him on how to be a leader. Speaking in front of the public doesnt give you the right to oppress people's talents and ideas. or to be rude to anyone's weaknesses. For the record, to this kind of leaders, you may achieve all that you want, but you missed one point here. Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) didnt teach us to become leaders merely. But he teaches morality. He came to teach morality. Because you know why? Only with morality, you can become a leader. Only with the truest and purest intention for Allah, you will lead in the right way. Honestly you dont have to chase leadership. Just by having a good heart and intention, leadership will chase you. Allah will spread your heart to world wallahi. If you do it for Him genuinely. 

I give you one perfect example for this case. During the time of Prophet (s.a.w), at one period the call of prayers for muslims and the jews was the same which was the sound of bell. So this had become an issue because it created confusion for them. Which is for muslims and which is for the jews? So Prophet s.a.w thought they need to change the call of prayers. And so one sahabat came to him and said 'O Prophet, ive dreamt about a poem for the call of prayers'. When Prophet s.a.w heard it, he agreed and make it as our official call of prayers. Up until now. Whats the wisdom behind this story? Prophet s.a.w accepted the opinion of others and in fact apply it. But he is the leaderrrr. Leader of mankinddd. Why? You know why? Because he didnt led for himself, for a title. He leads for Allah. So whatever that is good for the ummah he accepted it. This is how we should lead. May Allah reset our hearts and polish it as white as it can be. I hope my plain words here will be beneficial for us. :) Assalamu'alaykum. p/s i do not point this out to any relatives,friends, or family. i am saying this as a member of community (and its a hobby kinda thingy :3 )

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Islamic point of view and intellectual point of view

Knowledge seekers usually need reliable point of view or source to improve their particular prospect of course. Especially the students who are studying in  western countries. But i need to emphasize more on muslim students who are relying on point of views. We really need to know on how to differentiate and implement the views that we seek. I know that intelligent people are usually the source of view that most of us convince with. I am referring the 'intelligent people' as Phd holder, master holder who mostly become educators. Meaning to say, we indirectly convince to the particular point of view based on their level of education, am i right? Or the attributes that they have made. Surprisingly, there are many intelligent people, in western region especially, professors doctors, give a lot of attributes and leading to the stairs of success , even at the peak of success, but when it comes to islamic point of view, these intellectual people would not give a room for an agreement. Any islamic ideas. And that is the issue that muslim students should be bother about. Day by day, because of what has been implemented in education nowadays, the muslim students tend to abandon the islamic point of view. So.. Where are we leading our religion?

   What i am trying to say to the muslim youngsters including myself, we are the future of Islam, we are the warriors of Islam. Know that Islam is the ONLY pride you have. Neither your career or wealth. Yes you should care about Islam. No you should not chase the worldly material excessively until it corrupts your heart. Dont be selfish upon your Lord. Be ashamed to your Lord. Be ashamed to Prophet s.a.w. Know that if you think wealth and career is your pride, your pure soul and mind that Allah created for you have been westernized. Knowledge of Islam is beyond intellectual than you have ever known. It is not a human's intellectual but it is God's intellectual, that cannot be competed with any creatures. 
 Islam is more than phd or master. I am here not to say that you should not refer to the western perspective. But do not abandon the islamic point of views.

 You and I are the carrier of ilm of Islam. If you think that Islam is merely about spirituality , you are wrong. Islam is more than spirituality, it encompasses everything that relates to what we are doing now. As a muslim, it is such a huge waste and loss for us if we do not ponder and grasp the magnificent islamic scope of knowledge. I mean, look at our ancient scholars back then. Even now. Such brave soldiers with full of knowledge,  noble hearts and great mind set. Islam is a privilage for us. It is our fate to be superior than others. But the kind of superior that comes with humility and humbleness. The superiority that makes the world a better place. Do not let common globalization system defeat our soul and mind or defeat the golden islamic knowledge and point of view. It is our legacy to continue the glory of our beautiful religion.

Our future depends on Islam and the future of Islam depends on us.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Habib Ali - Kitab Mukhtasar (ringkasan) Sahih Bukhari & Minjahul 'Abidin (Imam Ghazali)

- Tegur orang tua dengan lemah lembut seperti kisah Saidina Hasan dan Saidina Husin

- Adab Nabi s.a.w apabila memberi makanan atau minuman, baginda s.a.w akan mula memberi kepada orang yg duduk di kanan. Tapi disebabkan ketika itu  belah kiri Rasulullah s.a.w ialah lebih tua (Saidina Abu Bakr) , maka baginda mintak izin orang di kanan iaitu Abdullah ibn Abbas untuk bagi orang di kiri. Padahal Abdullah ibn Abbas hanyalah budak kecil ketika itu. Ketika Rasulullah s.a.w wafat Abbas hanya 13 tahun. Apatah lagi ketika peristiwa ini mesti lagi kecil. Tapi Nabi s.a.w pentingkan adab walaupun dgn budak kecil untuk meminta izin daripada 'hak' Abdullah ibn Abbas tadi. (ADAB!)

- Lafaz 'bismillahirrahmanirrahim' hanya dimulai oleh Nabi Muhammad s.a.w, sebelum kehadiran baginda sebutannya lain 'bismiqallahumma'. Ada satu ketika seorang bernama Attas duduk bersama Rasulullah s.a.w, ketika itu Rasulullah minum dan menyebut 'bismillahirrahmanirrahim'. Attas bertanya 'Apa yang kau sebutkan? Aku tak pernah dengar perkataan itu'. Nabi tanya ' Kau dari mana?' Attas jawab dari Ninawa-Iraq. Nabi kata 'Oh, itu tempat abang aku Nabi Yunus. Dia seorang Nabi, begitu juga aku seorang Nabi sepertinya'. Attas terus masuk Islam apabila mengetahui kenabian Rasulullah s.a.w, hanya disebabkan Nabi sebut perkataan 'bismilliahirrahmanirrahim'.

- Nabi umpamakan orang yang beriman itu seperti pokok kurma dimana segala sisi dari pokok kurma mempunyai manfaat. Dari atas sampai akarnya. Orang beriman memberi manfaat kepada orang lain. Tangannya bagi manfaat, kakinya bagi manfaat, mulutnya bagi manfaat, segala yang ada pd orang beriman bagi manfaat pada orang lain. Bukan ibadah semata-mata. Orang beriman ialah dimana orang lain selamat dari bahaya.

- Apa ertinya kita beragama Islam tapi berhati kotor. Riak ialah perbuatan yang tidak ikhlas.

- Imam Ghazali menceritakan pentingnya amal ibadah batil (dalaman, hati) daripada zahir.

-Amalan batin (hati) tak berkesan sebab  amalan zahir tak selari dengan amalam batin.

- Wujudnya orang yang melakukan ibadah tapi hati busuk. FOCUS BERSIHKAN HATI PASTI AMALAN ZAHIR AKAN TERJAGA.

- Ada satu hari pada zaman Nabi, di Masjid ada seorang yang sedang ambil wudhu dan ketika dia jalan masuk ke masjid Nabi Muhammad s.a.w nampak kesan tampar syaitan di mukanya. Ketika dia masuk ke masjid Nabi tanya kepadanya 'ketika kau masuk ke masjid ini adakah kau berckp dalam hati yg kau lebih bagus dari orang-orang di sini termasuk aku?' Orang itu mengaku.

- BERATKAN DAN FOCUSKAN AMALAN IBADAH BATIN seperti sabar, tawakkal, sangka baik pada orang, tak mengumpat, elak dengki. JANGAN KOTORKAN HATI.

- Kalau kau betul-betul tawakkal  pada Allah, Allah akan beri rezeki pada kamu sepertimana kau lihat burung keluar dari rumah tangan kosong dan pulang ke rumah dengan rezeki kerana burung pun tawakkal pada Allah. (Cari duit untuk hidup, bukan hidup untuk cari duit)

-Tumpukan tujuan untuk Allah. Tawakkal pada Allah tapi jangan tinggalkan sebab. (bukan maksudnya tak perlu kerja. Lebihkan Allah. Tujuan untuk Allah)

-Virus-virus yang merosakkan hati ialah riak, sombong, dengki, sangka buruk, cakap buruk.

- tiada ilmu yang lagi bagus, lagi konkrit daripada ilmu Allah dan Rasul.

 :) Salam 'alaykum

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A simple prayer yet most precious in the sight of Allah?

    Assalamualaikum, some sense of uneasy in me finally urge me to write this post and share it with you guys. It is a remarkable story during the time of sahabah that ive read long time ago and completely purify the way i think since then. I shall begin the story that will give massive impact to you.

   One day, there was a pious man that never left the masjeed that he went for meditations. He became well known in the town because of his obedience and piety to Allah. He never stop worship Allah, he would read Quran, zkir and even voluntary prayers. One night, he had a dream that there was a man that was more pious than him. He woke up feeling shocked and confused. Then he continue started his day doing his regular basis. When he walked along the street, he recognised the face of a man in a stall that was attending his customer. He realized that its the man in his dream. The pious man waited at a place and watched the man and wondering 'why is he more pious than me?'.

     Eventually, when he was about to leave, the man called upon him and asked 'what are you looking for?' Then the pious man started revealed the dream that he had. After the man heard about it, he asked the pious man to do one thing before he proceed his response. He asked the pious man to bring two heavy loads with his both hands that each hand carried each load and asked him to walk along the street until the end of it and walk back forth to the stall. The pious man did as he said and finally made it with all sweaty and tired. The man asked him 'Do you remember Allah when you carry the loads with you?' The pious man said 'No, i was focusing on the loads that i carry because its too heavy.' Then the man said 'That is the difference between you and me. I remember Allah in everything that i do. I remember Allah when im dealing with my customers, when i do buying and selling, when im walking and so on.'

    And thats how the story goes. The moral values that i get from this story is that 1) Never judge the deeds of others! Eventhough that you do a lot of obedience to Allah, you perform the voluntary prayers after fardhu prayers, then you read Quran, you do supplications and when you see the one besides you start walking away after complete his/her salah, you start to judge and think you are better than him. Dont! Maybe he does the other deeds at home and maybe he just like the man in the story. I am not saying that you should perform the obligations only and reduce your deeds. We still need those deeds to feed our souls. Im saying that you should keep doing it while not look down on anyone. Never judge.  2) The man is more precious to Allah because he do 2 things in one moment. He gain his livelihood but at the same time he never stop remembering Allah and worshiping Allah. He made efforts for both lives.

   May Allah protect us from judging anyone and may Allah elevates our ranks in His sight. Forgive me if i ever throw any sword words to you. may Allah forgive me and recure my weaknesses. Allahumma ameen.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Physical Prayers vs. Heart Prayers

      Prayer is a foundation of a muslim as we all know. No one can explain the benefits of performing salah until one experience it by himself. Even explaining won't be enough. But to taste the sweetness of salah, let first ask to ourselves.. Is it you who performing salah or is it your heart performing salah. Adakah diri kamu mendirikan solat, atau pun hatimu mendirikan solat? This makes huge difference upon its meaning and effect. Curiosity overcomes me. Kenapa ada orang mendirikan solat tapi kelakuannya sama seperti orang yang tak solat? It seems that the way he/she prays is flawless and smoothly. Just like others' prayers. Sujood, ruku', al-fatihah, everything is the same.. But why? Why the prayers are the same but the charatacters turns out differently from everyone..

     Oh.. Apparently its the condition of the heart.. You may perform the salah but your heart may not perform it. Alhamdulillah Allah gave me a lil close up about the heart when i was driving back home and listening to I was totally inspired by the talk given by a sheikh since i've never drown myself to the knowledge of heart in such detailed info. He says that 'one heart cant love two things in it. If a heart loves the dunya, it will love the dunya in a whole. And if the heart loves the akhirah , it will attach to it wholely." The pure heart is genuinely loves the good things. Every heart starts from the pure heart. And that is the condition when the heart is healthy. But if the heart starts to love bad things, it is when the heart is corrupted by lust. And when you let the heart entered by lust, this involve the third party that is shaytan which he'll get the key to your door of heart and will finally conquer it. When the heart loves to do something bad, that is when you have a disease of a heart. Means the heart is sick spiritually.

     Before i go deep to it, let me enlighten you that performing salah is not for Allah. But its for yourself. Solat tu untuk kita sendiri. Allah tak pernah rugi apa-apa. Tapi kita yang rugi. Amazingly the concept of Islam can never be understood by reasoning or logic. But it must be understood by heart that is iman(believe). One of the concept is that once you strive for akhirah, the dunya will chase you. And when you strive for Allah (including prayers) , you will get the benefits and rewards. It is for you. So in terminology, it simply means, "what you do for Allah, is actually what you do for yourself". And trust me, you can NEVER believe it until you do it yourself. I remember a video that i went through and my ears automatically captured and my heart absorbed these words that said "I dont want you for Myself, But I want you for yourself" and i imagined that Allah was talking to me, apparently in reality it is absolutely affirmative.

      Everyone prays but not everyone can tastes the sweetness of prayers. Not when you dont do it right. There are people who are physically doing salah for akhirah but their hearts are actually in dunya while performing it. And honestly, what makes you think that your salah is going to be accepted by Allah when the real thing that Allah is looking for is sincerity? When you let your heart do it sincerely for akhirah, your characters will switch along and bond with the characters of the people of akhirah. Kelakuan kita akan sama seperti kelakuan orang-orang yang hatinya untuk akhirat iaitu orang mukmin. You start to watch your words, you start to protect you ears and eyes, you start to think and act differently, you start to change the way you dress. It is an amazing journey wallahi! :)  To get the sweetness of prayers, you have to love (by heart) to pray. To love to pray, you have to know who ask you to pray. And to love the One who ask you to pray, you have to know who is The One? Know who is Allah in order for you to love Him. Indulge yourself with everything that bond you to Him. Just like you have to taste the food for you to love the food. You cant love the food without tasting it. So does you cant love Allah without knowing Him.

    Some tips from me to keep me adhere the performance of salah, and honestly you dont have to seek it by far or external circumstances. Because it is with you. Just lift your both hands, look at them and say 'THESE ARE NOT MINE.' Simple as that. Your body is not yours. Your heart that you can cherish your love to someone is not yours. Your brain that you can think how to make money is even not yours. But it is absolutely owned by Allah. So we have to give gratitude to Him. So change ourselves, instead of performing salah because of obligations, perform it to show gratitude to Allah :) May Allah grant us a solid sincerity to Him. Ameen, Allahumma ameen! :) - lots of love

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Muhammad, The Complete Man.

Assalamualaikum, may all of us always be under the protection of Allah s.w.t.

 On 27th April 2014, i attended a heroes conference in IIUM that brought up a talk about Muhammad s.a.w, The Complete Man. It was held for the whole day from to 10 p.m. And wallahi i've never felt so much content as i felt on that day. Everything about Prophet Muhammad s.a.w really enlightened me. I had the chance to know every detail about Prophet Muhammad s.a.w in a day! And what i can learn is that we really need to know everything about our prophet so that we realize that attitude and sincerity are our platform in life. If you want to know how noble is the status of Islam, study about our Prophet, study the vision of sahabah. study the wife of the prophet. They really potray the value of humanity.

Lets ponder upon the wisdom words from the conference.

By Sheikh Waleed Abdul Hakeem : House of the Prophet.

-   You should live with postive people, so that you will be positive.
-   People will attract to you because of your quality! Be truthful. In order to be truthful to people, you have to be truthful to yourself and your personality will change!
-  Ibn Abbas said whenever i came across an ayah in the Quran that says ' O you who believe', I know Allah is talking to me something personal.
-   Masjid Al-Aqsa is the thirds sacret mosque in Islam.

By Sheikh Tariq Appleby : The Women behind Prophet Muhammad s.a.w

-    The women (Khadijah, Fatimah etc. ) around Prophet s.a.w support Prophet s.a.w
-    Allah will never humiliate you when you protect the affairs of your family.

-   Prophet s.a.w always remember Khadijah even when she was gone as he s.a.w said something about Khadijah to Ayesha and Ayesha ask him s.a.w 'why do you always talk about Khadijah?' and Prophet s.a.w said. 'Khadija is the one who support me when everyone rejects me'.

-   Khadijah is the person who support Prophet s.a.w also in financial. It is for the sake of Islam. The support that Khadijah r.a gave is to ease the da'wah of Prophet s.a.w. (Subhanallah what an amazing value within a woman)

-   Make your life like a successful muslimah and business woman as Khadijah. Think. HOW CAN I BE LIKE KHADIJAH?

-   There are reasons why Prophet s.a.w married divorced women and widowed. Because those women really understand men psychologically..

-   Allah says in the Quran ' I do not create mankind except to worship Me' .. This doesn't necessarily about prayers, fasting and all the obligations. Rather it means EVERYTHING that we do should be an act of worship to Allah. Such as spend money for sadaqah.

-    The stories of the Prophet and sahabah and Quran are not just a fairy tale or just a story. These stories are to remind us because that is what we should. We should be the same.

-    Khadijah has the best of world and the best of Akhirah, BE like her!

-    Be the great influence with only look the examples of our masters.

-    There 's no time to complain but take initiative to make it happen!

By Sheikh Shareef El Arbi (USA) : Muhammad and His Struggles

-    Prophet s.a.w said ' What do I have to do with this dunya while I am just a traveler in this dunya'

-    How to make your home as the home of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w?

-   Prophet s.a.w always recite dua and give salam everytime he enters and exits the house.
-   First gate of having success is the relationship between your family.

-   Prophet s.a.w do everything by himself including washing his own clothes and sewing his own shoes. Be like Rasulullah s.a.w! (He is the leader of humanity yet he can do the small things)  Dont wait for someone to do something for you! or dont wait until you need to be asked to do something.

-   Prophet s.a.w never talk bad about any food! Whenever he doesnt like it, he just put it away and not saying anything. He never said 'this food is tasteless, or too spicy'

-   Prophet s.a.w live in a simple way. When he wakes up, then he ask for food to his wife, if there's food, he'll eat. but if there's no food, he will continue fasting without complaining. (Subhanallah! :( )

-   Ayesha r.a had described that there was a time when we dont have food for months. Allahuakbar :(

-  Taking care of the family's entertainment. Try to sacrifice a bit for your family's entertainment. For example your little sister wants to watch cartoons channel in tv. Try to sacrifice a bit.

-     Have common hobbies together in order to be easier to be attached together.

-   Makes time for family talk. Prophet s.a.w is the best listener! He always talks with Ayesha r.a while waiting for adhzan fajr.

- Woman likes to talk about every details. but man likes to talk directly. but Prophet s.a.w really listen to every detail of Ayesha r.a. and he s.a.w showed to Ayesha that he listened the details. (mashaAllah this is sweeet :>)

- Family who worship together, stays together!

-Shaytan will not enter the house that family prays jamaah together! Allahuakbar. *NOTED

- Prophet s.a.w gave everything if a beggar comes until he has nothing else to give!

- 'We were so hungry that we tight a rock on the stomach to push the stomach in as if it was filled.' :(


By Dr. Ataullah Kopanski : Muhammad, The Social Reformer.

- There are american freemason that even praise Prophet Muhammad s.a.w

- Those who insulting Islam exist from the time of Prophet s.a.w

- Prophet s.a.w convey the message of supreme from Allah. DONT BE THE HEART OF COWARD! Stand and speak up for Islam!

- Harun Abdul Kareem said in his spoken words : I invite you with the simple concept! BREAK THE SILENT AND START SPEAK!

By Sheikh Ibrahim Nuhu (Nigeria) : Muhammad, The Teacher.

- Muawiyah said 'yarhamukallah' when someone sniffed during jamaah prayer and the sahabah got angry at him but when they finished the prayer, Muawiyah expected that Prophet would mad at him but rather, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w was not even mad at all but correct him in a very soft manner. He s.a.w correct the faults of people with no curses and no embarrassment '

-  Muawiyah said 'Wallahi, I never see the best teacher rather than Prophet s.a.w'

-  Prophet s.a.w make sure that people understand what he says that he repeats three times.

- Show mercy when you teach. Put yourself in their shoes, only then you can be patient! Be like our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w!

-  Prophet s.a.w looks at the nature of the question.

- Prophet s.a.w divert the question to something more benefit than the answer. for example, there were sahabah asked Prophet s.a.w 'Is the water of the sea can be used as oblution?' Prophet s.a.w answered ' Yes the water can be used as oblution and the dead animals in the sea can be eaten.'

By Sheikh Shareef El Arbi (USA) :  Muhammad and Me

- Have taqwa!

- If you need to love Prophet s.a.w , you really need to know much about him s.a.w.

- If you make sacrifice for Islam, Allah will give His sincerity to you. (No gift can be compared  rather than  the gift of Allah's sincerity) *my favourite :)

Alhamdulillah. This is so far what i get from the conference and I hope this will be beneficial for you and me! and may Allah give us strength to put all the wisdom words into practice. Allahumma ameen! :) We are the best of mankind on this earth and yes we should act like one. Not with arrogant. But with virtue.