Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A simple prayer yet most precious in the sight of Allah?

    Assalamualaikum, some sense of uneasy in me finally urge me to write this post and share it with you guys. It is a remarkable story during the time of sahabah that ive read long time ago and completely purify the way i think since then. I shall begin the story that will give massive impact to you.

   One day, there was a pious man that never left the masjeed that he went for meditations. He became well known in the town because of his obedience and piety to Allah. He never stop worship Allah, he would read Quran, zkir and even voluntary prayers. One night, he had a dream that there was a man that was more pious than him. He woke up feeling shocked and confused. Then he continue started his day doing his regular basis. When he walked along the street, he recognised the face of a man in a stall that was attending his customer. He realized that its the man in his dream. The pious man waited at a place and watched the man and wondering 'why is he more pious than me?'.

     Eventually, when he was about to leave, the man called upon him and asked 'what are you looking for?' Then the pious man started revealed the dream that he had. After the man heard about it, he asked the pious man to do one thing before he proceed his response. He asked the pious man to bring two heavy loads with his both hands that each hand carried each load and asked him to walk along the street until the end of it and walk back forth to the stall. The pious man did as he said and finally made it with all sweaty and tired. The man asked him 'Do you remember Allah when you carry the loads with you?' The pious man said 'No, i was focusing on the loads that i carry because its too heavy.' Then the man said 'That is the difference between you and me. I remember Allah in everything that i do. I remember Allah when im dealing with my customers, when i do buying and selling, when im walking and so on.'

    And thats how the story goes. The moral values that i get from this story is that 1) Never judge the deeds of others! Eventhough that you do a lot of obedience to Allah, you perform the voluntary prayers after fardhu prayers, then you read Quran, you do supplications and when you see the one besides you start walking away after complete his/her salah, you start to judge and think you are better than him. Dont! Maybe he does the other deeds at home and maybe he just like the man in the story. I am not saying that you should perform the obligations only and reduce your deeds. We still need those deeds to feed our souls. Im saying that you should keep doing it while not look down on anyone. Never judge.  2) The man is more precious to Allah because he do 2 things in one moment. He gain his livelihood but at the same time he never stop remembering Allah and worshiping Allah. He made efforts for both lives.

   May Allah protect us from judging anyone and may Allah elevates our ranks in His sight. Forgive me if i ever throw any sword words to you. may Allah forgive me and recure my weaknesses. Allahumma ameen.

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