Tuesday, 7 January 2014

What will happen to me if i keep forgiving people for the rest of my life?

   So, as days passed by, there was always this one thing that never missed to keep buggin' my mind. Yet still whenever it knocked my head, i can never feel satisfied without knowing the answer to this matter. What i've learnt is that a strong heart is those who are strong to forgive people regardless of depth of the pain that you felt inside. And lucky me that Allah has tested me with this situation which i've experienced it by my own. So, i hold tight to the teachings of Islam which is to forgive ABSOLUTELY anyone that hurt you EVEN you haven't done a single thing to him/her. So everytime this situation reached me, i keep saying to myself  'that's okay, forgive him, forgive her, forgive them..' and so it continues. But until this one point, i honestly tired of forgiving people and buried this pain inside and to see that those people don't have a single clue that im in pain. Its like i've been eaten by the worms bit by bit. I feel smaller and smaller and people keep stepping my head. Its different when people who apologize and who don't. When someone apologize to you for their  mistakes, you'll feel easy on that. But when they dont apologize, and you know you need the strength to forgive them for the sake of Allah and for yourself (serenity), that's when it takes a strong heart to do it. 

   So i started to think is this what Islam about? Forgive people, hold your temper, keep inside you, buried deep down the pain. FOREVER? I even came across to a bigger circle that what if the disbelievers mock the muslims, dishonor us, are we just gonna keep forgiving them? But wallahi everytime this thing come across me, i make du'a to Allah 'please let me understand this thing O Allah, please give me wisdom of all these. You are All-Wise. I believe in You, I believe in Islam.. So teach me, give me understanding..'

   And so as i reached home, i put down my bag and laid down on my bed.. (it rhymes, lol) Checkin' up my smartphone (not deuces :P ) So i opened the Youtube and scrolling down at the news feed. There's one video named 'the stories of three pious people by Mufti Menk', so in random, i clicked on the video. As i keep listening.. i have no idea that it relates to my issue! The story is about one man lookin' at the 3 pious people and he said 'they must be really pious'. So he came to the first pious man who reciting the Quran and he give salam to the man but the man continue reciting.. then what he did, he clapped at the man's face ( i guess Mufti Menk use the word clap because its not as hard as slap) but still the pious man keep revising the Quran. So he said 'this man is really pious'. After then, he went to the second pious man. Again he clapped at the other man's face, then the pious man said to him 'Are your hands okay brother? Is there any pain?' The pious man worried about the hands that clapped him rather than his own face that been clapped. Finally, he went to the third pious man, and same thing happened, he clapped the man. And so, the third man clapped the man's face twice. He was in shocked and said to the pious man ' I thought you were pious'. Then the pious man said 'someone somewhere need to stop you from clapping people's face' ...

    I was like, subhanallah! Allah showed me the answer! Wallahi i had the biggest smile at that moment. lol. In this video, there's also a hadith that said, ' if you dont stop the oppressor from oppressing others, then chaos will overtake the whole community' and Mufti Menk continue saying 'SOMETIMES YOU CAN FORGIVE PEOPLE, BUT IF YOU CONTINUE FORGIVING THEM WHO IS GOING TO STOP THE OPRESSION?' THIS really brainwashed me. I understand that you must forgive. BUT you must also speak out the false that they made. and correct them. In that way you'll not feel smaller but you feel LIGHTER as you clean the dirts and built a garden on this earth for spreading peace. You and i know that its not easy. I myself still need a lot of guts to speak. BUT together, WE CAN! :D In fact, WE MUST, in order to have a better world :) Lets pray that may Allah give us the strength to speak up, enjoin good and forbid evil and have a strong calm heart! Ameen ameen ya Rabbal 'Alamin! 

p/s : this is the video that i'm talking about. enjoy :)

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