Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Assalam Muslims :D

Bismillah <3 Greetings to all of you :) Well, i am a new-blogger. and i'm kinda excited about this. lolz. Em i'm not gonna say much. but i'll tell you about my journey of life, from the 'chaos' girl and later then became a guilty slave to her Lord. I will tell you gradually about it. Just a little something to share with :) but that is my purpose of creating this blog at the first place. and in the meantime, i'll also share with you about several info that i know about Islam. Simple to say, the knowledge that i've learned so far. Well, this is the least i could do, share with you guys in this blog. Maybe there're some point that you'll ponder and if it is Allah's will, your heart will open :) and i hope there will be a change to all my dearest friend, amin ya Rab. that is of course one of the matter that i also wish in my du'a to Allah in my prayers :) and may Allah gives me the spirit to keep writing in this blog. Oh and just to tell you guys, do forgive me if i got errors in my language, lol, for im not very well in writing it.. especially when it comes to grammar -___- zzzzzz. Well, i gtg now. will be update more, soon. Assalam :)

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